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The Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners has authorized Innovative Approaches Counseling Center (IACC) to approve workshops and activities for social workers. Approved educational offerings may be used to meet the continuing education requirement for license renewal in Louisiana (20 clock hours per year). In an effort to ensure uniform high-quality learning experiences, the following will serve as a basis for approval.


An Administrative Fee is required for each educational event and is due upon application. This fee is for the review of the application and does not guarantee approval. The fees are as follows:

  • $75 for a single day workshop being presented once. 
  • Please consult with the administrative office of Innovative Approaches Counseling Center if  you are requesting aproval for a Conference (conference is defined as being offered over continuous days)
  •  Additional fees will be addresed to accomodate:   Late fees, additional dates/locations, or  any changes to workshop, including but not limited to date, location, time, presenter, topic, etc.).  The price of these fees will be provided upon request. 

  **Approval letters will not be issued until all fees have been paid in entirety with the inclusion of all additional fees**

Approval for Continuing Education Programs

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